Comprehensive Garden Maintenance

Comprehensive Garden Maintenance

Keep your garden maintained all year round with our help. Get in touch with Central Gardening & Tree Services on, based in Eltham, London, for superior garden maintenance.

Garden Work

Look no further than Central Gardening & Tree Services for all your garden maintenance needs.

We do all types of work from general tidy-ups to complete new plantings. It’s never been easier to enjoy complete clearances and garden redesigns. Just give us a call and tell us your requirements, and we’ll give you a free quote there and then. This is often ideal for larger jobs.

Sick of weeds in your garden? That’s no problem, as we have the safe and environmentally safe solution. Rather than using the harsh chemicals in weedkiller, we will use a weed suppressant. This is a permanent fix and is gentler for the grass and plants.

Colourful Garden - Garden Maintenance in Eltham, London

It’s our goal to give your garden the work it needs and to ensure it requires less maintenance in the future. We offer a range of work, such as:

Garden Works
Tidy Ups

Hedge Work
New Lawns
Fencing and Patios

Contact Central Gardening & Tree Services for comprehensive garden
maintenance to give you an outdoor area that always complements your home.